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Our commitment to professional education continues through the Johnson & Johnson Institute

Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute professional education is now offered through the Johnson & Johnson Institute, which brings together 25 professional education facilities and a network of online education and collaborative partnerships across multiple specialties. The Johnson & Johnson Institute provides access to education that’s focused on improving outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing costs to help meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals in a value based care environment.

With professional education options that suit a variety of learning preferences, geographic locations and schedules, the Johnson & Johnson Institute fosters lifelong learning for healthcare professionals throughout every stage of their careers with on-site courses, virtual reality and app-based surgical simulation training to address the demands of today’s healthcare delivery system in developed, as well as emerging markets. Learn more at www.jnjinstitute.com.

As part of the Johnson & Johnson Institute, Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute offers:

  • Clinical Video Answer Series: 2 to 10 minute videos that provide busy healthcare professionals with tips and insights from leading diabetes care professionals
  • Continuing Education through the American Association of Diabetes Educators: Self-paced, online continuing education program that focuses on glucose monitoring
  • In-Person Training and Education Experiences: Hands-on training taught using a participant-centered, adult-education approach
  • Interactive Learning Modules: Online modules covering diabetes related topics
  • Live and On-Demand Webinars: 60-minute webinars on a variety of topics and issues in diabetes
  • Twitter Chats: 60-minute real-time chats among healthcare professionals on designated topics at designated times

“Globally, healthcare systems face resource challenges, increasing numbers of patients that lack access to quality healthcare and the continuous need for professional training on new technologies and procedures. This inspires all of us at the Johnson & Johnson Institute to innovate in healthcare education so we can be part of the solution.”

-Amparo Gonzalez, MPH, RN, CDE, FAADE
 Senior Director Global Professional Education