Welcome to the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute Community. We are excited that you have joined thousands of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving diabetes care. As you navigate through the community, we encourage you to reference the list of frequently asked questions and tips to help you along your way.

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How do I register an account?

  • On the home page of, click on Begin Your Journey. A dialogue to register or login will appear. As a first time user, click on the Register button. Proceed to read and Accept the Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy; then click on the Proceed button to continue. The Register prompt will appear. Fill out all required fields, then click Register Now to complete the process or Register Later to get an email with registration link to complete at a later time.

How do I Log In?

  • Click the Sign In link located at the top of the page: Enter your email address and password in the fields provided then click the Log In button. If you are a J&J Employee click the JNJ Employee Login Here link. Enter your network ID and password, then click the Log In button.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

  • To reset your password, click on the Forgot Password? link found on the Sign In interface.

What is a User Profile?

  • A profile is used to share information about a member within the community. Your public user profile displays your Member Name, Email, City, Country, Zip/Postal Code and your register date. To see your own profile, click on the Member Profile link above the main navigation bar.

How can I find and learn more about faculty members?

  • Visit the Faculty page to learn more about the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute faculty.

What is the Faculty Blog?

  • The Faculty Blog is used to share new findings by respected teachers & professionals in the field, and offer practical ways to implement change with the community. This site feature is for registered members only. Once you have created your account, on The Community page click on the Faculty Blog link located on the right navigation panel.

How do I comment on a blog?

  • You can post your own comment in response to any faculty blog entry. Navigate to the Faculty Blog link located on The Community page on the right navigation panel. Click on the Read More link within a Blog posting you wish to read and, scrolling toward the bottom of the page in the Comments section, write your comment and click the Post button.

What is the Calendar?

  • The calendar contains upcoming scheduled events sponsored or hosted by the Johnson &Johnson Diabetes Institute. The calendar is accessible to registered users and can be viewed once logged in, on The Community page, clicking Calendar on the right navigation panel.

What are the Message Boards?

  • A message board gives you the ability to have a conversation with fellow colleagues and faculty online at your leisure. Community members start topics which can be questions, comments, stories--and other community members have the opportunity to respond.

How do I create a new topic on a message board?

  • You can create your own topic in any of the message boards by navigating to the Message Board from The Community page through the right navigation panel. Once on the Message Board page, click Post New Forum Topic and on the Create Forum Topic page enter a Subject, choose the Community Resource, and enter your content in the Body. As a last step, you can either click on the Preview button to review your message prior to posting, or click the Save button to post.

What is the Article of the Week?

  • Once a week, the J&J Diabetes Institute faculty reviews a recent article in the diabetes literature. It is summarized, outlined for importance, and a link to the original posting is provided. This feature allows registered members to stay current with the latest diabetes publications.

How do I comment on a Article of the Week entry?

  • You can post your own comment in response to any entry. Navigate to the Article of the Week link located on The Community page on the right navigation panel. Click on the Read More link in the Article of the Week Entry you wish to read. Scrolling toward the bottom of the page in the Comments section, write your comment and click the Post button.

What are Educational Tools?

  • Educational tools are a compilation of documents, checklists, and other resources that health care practitioners may find useful in their diabetes practice. Some of the tools, such as those related to webinars, are accessible to all members. Some tools, such as those provided to participants in the United States Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute courses are only available to alumni of the program. Examples include behavior change tools, medical coding tools, and other practice-related tools.

Where can I find the Educational Tools?

  • Educational Tools are only available to registered website members. As a registered member, you first need to login into your account – on the top navigation click Education and Training and towards the bottom of the page click on the blue Educational Tools link.

How do I watch a Clinical Answer Video?

  • You can watch one of many Clinical Answer Videos by clicking on Clinical Videos in the right navigation bar.

How can watch a replay of a past webinar?

  • Most previous webinars are archived on You can watch recordings of archived webinars and, in some cases, download the slides used as a registered member. Once logged in, click on Webinar on The Community page in the right navigation panel. On the Webinar archive page select a webinar you would like to view. From the drop down, click either View Replay or View the Slides.

How can I discover any upcoming webinars or events?

  • You can learn about new upcoming events and webinars by opting in to receive emails for Johnson &Johnson Diabetes Institute appenings during account registration, or through the User Profile page once registered. On the User Profile page, a checked box signifies that you’re opted in to receive emails about Institute happenings – clicking Update saves your preference. You will receive monthly notifications when new webinars are open for registration. You may receive reminder emails about the webinars once you have registered for them.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

  • If you have a question that is not answered in the Help section, you can reach us through the Contact Us page – the link is located on the bottom of each page.
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