Welcome to the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute, LLC community. We are excited that you have joined thousands of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving diabetes care. As you navigate through the community, we encourage you to reference the list of frequently asked questions to help you along your way.

Account Management

  • How do I register an account?
    • On the home page of, click on Register in the top right corner, and a dialogue box will appear asking you to register. Click on register within the dialogue box. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, then click on proceed to continue. Next, fill out all required fields to create your account and click Register Now. If you reside within Australia, Canada or the United States, you will be asked to complete additional registration information. Click Submit once you have entered the additional information.
  • How do I log in?
    • Click Sign In located in the top right corner of Enter your email address and password in the fields provided then click Log in. If you are a J&J Employee, click JNJ Employee Login here. Enter your email address, WWID or Member Name along with your password, then click log in.
  • What do I do if I forgot my password?
    • To reset your password, click on Forgot password found within the Sign In interface.
  • What is a member Profile?
    • A profile is used to share information about a member within the community. Your public member profile displays your member name, email address, city, country, zip/postal code and your registration date. To see your profile, click on Member Profile in top right corner of

Article of the Week

  • What is the Article of the Week?
    • Once a week, the Institute Faculty reviews a recent article in the diabetes literature. The article is summarized, outlined for importance and a link to the original abstract or article is provided. This feature enables members to stay current with the latest diabetes publications.


  • What is the Calendar?
    • The calendar contains upcoming events sponsored or hosted by the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute. The calendar is accessible to registered members and can be viewed once logged in.

Clinical Videos

  • What are clinical videos?
    • Clinical videos are short clips that provide busy healthcare professionals with tips and insights from leading diabetes care professionals on frequently asked clinical questions.

Education Credits

  • What are education credits?
    • Members have an opportunity to earn up to 5.5 continuing education units through three learning modules created by the American Association of Diabetes Educators on the topic of self-monitoring of blood glucose. To learn more, click Education Credits within the top navigation bar of


  • What are e-modules?
    • E-modules are self-paced, interactive learning modules, and can be accessed by clicking E-modules within the top navigation bar of


Message Board

  • What is the Message board?
    • The message board gives you the ability to have an online conversation with fellow colleagues and Institute Faculty at your leisure. Community members start conversations which can be questions, comments, stories, etc., and other community members have the opportunity to respond.
  • How do I start a conversation on the message board?
    • You can start a conversation within the message board by first navigating to Message Board. Once on the Message Board page, click Create New Topic.

Resource Center

  • What is the resource center?
    • The resource center is a compilation of resources that healthcare professionals may find useful in their diabetes practice. The resource center is only available to registered members. You must be logged in to view these resources.


  • How do I find out about upcoming webinars and other events?
    • You can learn about upcoming webinars and other events by opting in to receive emails from the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute during account registration or by accessing your Member Profile once you are registered. Under Member Profile, a checked box next to Email Opt In signifies that you’re opted in to receive emails from the Institute, and clicking Save Email Preferences saves your preference. You will receive email notifications when new webinars or other events are open for registration.
  • How can watch a replay of a past webinar?
    • Recent webinars are archived on As a registered member, you can watch recordings of archived webinars and download the corresponding slides. Once logged in, click on Webinars at the top of the page. Select the webinar you would like to view and click the play button. To download the slides, click Download Slides.


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